Charles Rose Introduction

My name is Charles Rose and I am an attorney who concentrates on representing families with special needs children. This often involves drafting special needs trusts for the child, guardianship when the child reaches the age of 18 and drafting estate planning documents for the parents and the rest of the family who wish to leave something for the child upon their death.

My initial interest in this aspect of the law came from six years of working with the Illinois Guardianship and Advocacy Commission, a state agency created to help people with mental illnesses and developmental disabilities. Representing people with these challenges taught me that their needs were unique, that they rarely had the legal help they needed and that the courts frequently lacked the understanding needed to protect their rights. Since leaving the commission, I have been able to assist numerous families with special needs children. The personal satisfaction the I have felt in being able to help these families is the main reason for my decision to devote my law practice exclusively to this aspect of the law. I hope that my new website will provide a valuable resource for all those involved in the care of the special needs child.